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Facebook Messenger For WordPress

in , on October 6, 2020
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Is when Facebook Messenger and MailChimp have a baby. Messenger Sender was born to amplify your most important asset: Customer Base.FEATURES100% INBOX

This is a Facebook feature. It works because that’s the way Facebook wants it to work.GAIN PROMINENT PRESENCE

Stand out from the crowds by putting your greetings, newsletters, promotions, etc. to your fans’ INBOX.SHORTCUT TO BULK MESSAGING

Sending bulk messages to your Facebook audience in a few click.UNLIMITED ADS WITH $0

Reach your customers frequently WITHOUT monthly fee!NEW POSSIBILITIES

You might already have heard about the Facebook custom audience. Now you know brand-new ways to exploit it.GET IT ALL DONE EFFECTIVELY

You only need to tailor your messages and leave the rest for Sender.EASY TO USE

We make it very simple to work out.AND MORE…

Purchase to explore and experience more…RICH FUTURE DEVELOPMENT

There are plenty of features we currently have in mind. Conditional filter, export, combined with bots, to name a few. We only need some encouragement from the initial sales from YOU!

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Facebook Messenger For WordPress

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